ADAMS PEST CONTROL has been providing quality, professional services since 1957! We offer affordable pest control plans provided by superior technicians and backed by outstanding customer service.


  • Quarterly Service (1 Year Contract)
  • One Time Service (30 Day Contract)
  • We Can Customize Services To Fit Your Needs
  • We Offer Free Pest Control Estimates
  • Services Include Retreats at No Additional Charge

Our pest yearly contracts cover roaches, mice, rats, ticks, fleas, ants, crickets, & 80% of spiders. 

We also cover many other types of insects.  Please call for information & a quote.

Regular Quarterly Pest Services

The technician will call to set up an appointment to do the inside and outside inspections and treatments every three months. Any treatments between services will be at no additonal cost to the customer. (Requires a One-Year Contract.)

Perimeter Plus Quarterly Pest Service

This service is designed for people with busy lifestyles who want to be free of pest problems but don’t have time to meet with our technicians each service. We will inspect and treat the inside and outside perimeter on our first visit, then each quarterly service will be a complete outside perimeter treatment. The homeowner will not need to be present unless there are pets or locked gates. If at any time inside service is needed, the customer only needs to call to set up an appointment. There will not be a charge for inside service.

Monthly Pest Services

We  have custom services for restaurants, commercial and industrial businesses.

One Time Services

Our technicians will treat for specific pest problems. The service is guaranteed for 30 days, with no charge for retreats.

Contact Adams Pest Control to schedule your service today!